REIS SEMINAR SERIES 1035-1: An Introduction to Social Ventures

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Rajasekhar Radhakrishnan, IP & Commercialisation Manager, FHSS.

Speaker's Biography

Raj joined Swansea from industry with more than a decade experience within Intellectual Property strategy and Portfolio Management.

From: 15 Mar 2024, noon
To: 15 Mar 2024, 12:45 p.m.
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Can a business do good and be good?

Within the University ecosystem, Social Venture is one of the underutilised modes of creating impact from research.

This session will cover a broad range of topics relating to:
• What is a Social Venture?
• Social Venture as delivery vehicle of impact.
• Challenges normally encountered.
• Brief introduction to financial management within the context of creating and scaling up a Social Venture.

This session is open to all everyone in the University interested in learning about Social Ventures in general.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Identifying opportunities for creating a Social Venture.
2) Finding if a Social Venture is the right mode of delivery.
3) Steps towards setting up a Social Venture.
4) Financial management within the context of creating and scaling up a Social Venture.

Target Audience: All University Staff, Students, and other members

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