REIS SEMINAR SERIES 1024-1: Active Bystander Training CANCELLED

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Dr Anna Seager, Research Culture Manager

From: 8 Feb 2024, noon
To: 8 Feb 2024, 1:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom link will be sent after registration via ABW, please search course code 1024., Other

Swansea University Research, Engagement & Innovation Services (REIS) invites you to the following training opportunity which will contribute to your staff development PDR

This workshop will focus on active bystanders in Higher Education (HE). Recognising disrespectful or bullying or harassment behaviours in the HE environment.

This session will provide attendees with the confidence to take action in the HE workplace towards any bullying and harassment situations, wherever that behaviour may lay on the spectrum of disrespect.

From favouritism, difficult conversations, through to sharing humiliation to more escalated situations. The workshop will deliver appropriate active bystander interventions (4Ds), such that you will come away armed with an active bystander’s toolkit.

The workshop will look at :
• types of bullying and harassment
• examples of behaviors
• common reasons for inaction
• the 4Ds of active bystander intervention
• policy and practice
• the impact of bullying/ harassment at work, and wellbeing in the HE workplace.

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