Black History Month Series: A Crack in the Wind

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Chinyere Chukwudi-Okeh Nee Chimodo

From: 25 Oct 2023, 10 a.m.
To: 25 Oct 2023, noon
Location: Singleton Campus, Room TBA, Park Campus

Chinyere Chukwudi-Okeh will be briefly tracing Black History in Wales, before narrowing it down to her personal journey as a Black Person, first in Swansea University, and then generally, in Wales. Chinyere is a Nigerian published author of 'From the Crevices of Corps Hearts (Paressia Publishers)'. Other anthological writings from her include a short story collection titled 'International Sisi Eko'. She is currently one of two women working with Honno Publishers to assemble memoirs from women of Asian and African descent.



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