The Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC) Spring Conference “Circular Economy: A Future vision for Wales”

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Yr Ysgol Reolaeth - School of Management


Professor Elwen Evans KC
Phil Reid
Dr Emil Evenhuis

Speaker's Biography

Phil Reid -Product Manager, Community Builder & Social Learning Leader | Chief Technology Officer | JPMorgan Chase
“Ignite the power of your people with communities of practice”

Phil is an experienced technologist who currently works at J.P. Morgan Chase as a Product Manager. He comes from a background in software engineering, but in recent years he developed a deep interest in social learning and communities of practice.

Along with a large force of volunteers, he helped to create a large global initiative called Ignite which started small a number of years ago and is now intrinsic to the strategy and culture of the company’s global technology organization.

Dr Emil Evenhuis - is a researcher of Urban and Regional Development within the Department of Urbanisation and Transport of PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. His research deals with the question: how should cities and regions engage with economic change? (Such as globalisation, de-industrialisation, polarisation in the service sector, and the transition to (more) sustainable development models).
“Spatial implications of the transition to a Circular and Sustainable Economy: Findings from a scenario-study for The Netherlands”.

From: 24 Mar 2023, 9 a.m.
To: 24 Mar 2023, 3 p.m.
Location: Online Event - Please see description

The Circular Economy Innovation Communities (CEIC) Spring Conference will be held on Friday 24th of March 2023 at the Stadium. The conference is an open invitation for environmental champions from throughout South Wales and beyond to discuss how well-designed, incremental efforts can have substantial impact.
The CEIC programme enables colleagues from across the public and third sectors to collaborate and create communities of practice (COP’s) to develop innovative solutions to probably the biggest challenge of our generation. We have a lot of work to do to meet the ambitious target of achieving net carbon zero by 2030 and need everyone helping to get there.
During the morning we will be having various keynote speakers who will present on a wide range of subjects relating to both Circular Economy and the impact of the Climate emergency is having globally.

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