Cancelled: Digital Wellbeing and Ways to Reclaim your Time

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Karen Roberts - Health and Wellbeing Officer

From: 1 Feb 2023, 11 a.m.
To: 1 Feb 2023, noon
Location: To be delivered via Zoom, details to follow after registration, Online Event - Please see description

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Following the impact of the pandemic, the positive and negative effects of technology on wellbeing has become more apparent. This includes the impact technology can have on focus, motivation, procrastination, and time management. Digital Wellbeing aims to provide ways to help people to build a better relationship with technology in order to improve their lives.

By the end of the session, colleagues should gain an awareness of their own digital wellbeing, screen time and its impact on mental and physical wellbeing. The session will also teach techniques to help set boundaries and manage time to improve overall wellbeing.

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