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Mari Berthoud - will be speaking in French

From: 14 Nov 2022, 11 a.m.
To: 14 Nov 2022, 12:45 p.m.
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The Cluster Innovations for Resilience (Risk Institute of Université Grenoble Alpes) organizes, in partnership with SFR Innovacs, a series of workshops about "Innovations for Resilience". This november session will address the issue of the digitalization of the care relationship from a caregiver's perspective.

Conference in French, english materials.
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Learning Outcomes:
This november session will address the issue of the digitalization of the care relationship from a caregiver's perspective. To what extent do the introduction of these innovations such as teleconsultation disrupt the care relationship and the role of the caregivers?
This is part of a questioning of what innovations for resilience do to vulnerability experts.

Marie BERTHOUD (Lille University, France) will present her paper: “E-Health and Health Crisis: Teleconsultation Devices” (in Communiquer. Revue de communication sociale et publique, 2021).
Language: French - English Material

Research paper’s abstract
Over the last fifteen years, digital tools have been developed in the health sector. This is the case with teleconsultations, or remote consultations. The exceptional context of the health crisis invites us to re-examine the issues raised by these devices from a new perspective, by considering the unprecedented context as a potential factor transforming the medical practices and uses of teleconsultations. The objective of this article is thus to answer the following question: What is the place of teleconsultation tools in a context of a health crisis like that of 2020? To provide an answer, we rely on the testimonies of doctors we collected during an investigation conducted beginning in March 2020 and during the period of the first confinement in France. Teleconsultations provided a way for these doctors to manage a crisis situation and to address deficiencies in the healthcare system. Problems related to health inequalities, legislative frameworks, lack of resources in health care in fact extend beyond traditional care situations to include digital practices. The health crisis, far from breaking with these difficulties, extends them in a context of pandemic and containment. The health crisis then appears to reveal the tensions between the benefits of e-health and the risks posed by these systems.

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