REIS SEMINAR SERIES 897: Impact in Engineering and Applied Sciences with Professor Oubay Hassan & Tomos Watson

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Professor Oubay Hassan
Tomos Watson

Speaker's Biography

Professor Oubay Hassan’s research interest is in computational methods for the solution of problems in engineering analysis and design.

Alongside Professor Ken Morgan, in close partnership with BAE systems and Airbus Professir Hassan work led to the development of the FLITE system which supported the design of THRUST SSC, which broke World Land Speed Record in 1997.

He has subsequently led the team which developed the CFD technologies required to ensure a successful aerodynamic design of the new BLOODHOUND Land Speed Record project.

From: 21 Sep 2022, 2 p.m.
To: 21 Sep 2022, 4 p.m.
Location: Bay Campus Room 029 Great Hall Also via Zoom link. Zoom link will be sent to all participants before the event. Please register via ABW searching course code 897., Bay Campus

• Impact Overview and support available at Swansea.
• Impact Generation Best Practice with Professor Oubay Hassan.
• Best practice for Impact generation within Engineering and the Applied Sciences
• Understanding of Impact Support within the University

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