Boosting Research And Development Within Your Organisation/Funding For Knowledge Exchange Projects

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From: 30 Jun 2022, 10 a.m.
To: None
Location: Room 002, Computational Foundry, Bay Campus, Bay Campus

This session will showcase a range of collaborative research and innovation projects between
industry and academia, and the funding and support that is available to facilitate them. Funding
bodies will be providing information on knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) and Smart
Partnerships (SPs), and the current and upcoming funding calls.

9:30: Arrival/ Registration
10:00: Welcome, Dr Archie Kubba, Swansea University
10:05: Introduction to KTPs / MKTPs, Prof Rob Rolley, Knowledge Transfer Adviser for South Wales, Innovate UK
10:35: Introduction to Smart Partnerships, Natalie Crawley, Knowledge Transfer Partnership Manager, Welsh Government
11:05: Smart Partnership case study, Zimmer and Peacock (UK) and Swansea University; Prof Owen Guy, Swansea
University; Dr Martin Peacock, Director of Zimmer and Peacock; Muhammad Ali, Swansea University
11:25: Break & Networking
11:50 Smart Partnership case study, Bespoke Care Group and Swansea University; Dr Denise Hill, Swansea University,
Jayne Morris, Bespoke Care Group (UK); Adrianne Cleverly, Swansea University
12:20: Knowledge Transfer Partnership Case Study, KLA Corporation and Swansea University
12:50: Closing Remarks, Dr Archie Kubba, Swansea University
13:00: Lunch/ Networking

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