Innovative Lawyers Wales: Decoding LegalTech A workshop series for trainee solicitors.

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Ysgol y Gyfraith Hillary Rodham Clinton - Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

From: 14 Jun 2022, noon
To: 2 Aug 2022, 2 p.m.
Location: Online Event - Please see description

LegalTech is fast becoming a priority for many law firms across the UK, with legal technologies offering higher productivity, lower costs, and more time-efficient results, it is becoming a crucial component in allowing firms to remain competitive in the legal market.
Legal Innovation Lab Wales is providing support to the Welsh legal sector through the exploration of collaborative partnerships, researching legal processes, and developing innovative, LegalTech, solutions.
Building on this, the Lab is now offering LegalTech workshops through its new project, Innovative Lawyers Wales; a series of workshops that will expand your knowledge of LegalTech, help identify opportunities for innovative collaboration, and connect legal professionals in order to share experiences and gain insights into sector advancements.
This workshop series will provide a hands-on, interactive experience for attendees with the opportunity to explore technologies that will help further improve the legal sector.
Innovative Lawyers Wales: Decoding LegalTech, has been curated specifically for trainee solicitors in Wales and will follow a 8 week online workshop format.

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