REIS SEMINAR SERIES: 869-2 Research & Innovation Awards 2022 Application Guidance

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This event is part of the REIS Seminar Programme series


Course Description/Overview:

- Provide general information about the Research and Innovation Awards 2022.
- Enhance knowledge of current application process.
- Offer advice and guidance to both academic and professional services staff regarding the content of the circulated application form.
- Improve understanding of the new 2022 Award Categories and reiterate who is eligible to apply.
- Advise academics on how to strengthen their applications.
- Inform staff of any confirmed and potential changes to the event.
- Discuss different types of impact and innovation, which have been generated by academics’ research.
- Respond to any general queries regarding the application or event.

Learning Outcomes:

- An improved knowledge of the Research and Innovation Awards 2022 event.
- A strong understanding of the content on the current application form and of the application process in general (who can be nominated, who can apply etc).
- Information regarding key points of contact for different Faculties to support in the application process.

From: 20 Jan 2022, 2 p.m.
To: 20 Jan 2022, 4 p.m.
Location: Zoom event. Link will be emailed after registration via ABW. Search course code 869-2, Online Event - Please see description

Contact: Dr Rachel Morgan (Email:

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