Beyond Total E-Fabulous: Reflections on Learning in a Pandemic

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Professor Martin Stringer, PVC (Education)

From: 19 Nov 2021, noon
To: 19 Nov 2021, 1 p.m.
Location: Swansea University Fulton House Lecture Room B Singleton Campus Swansea SA2 8PP, Other

When we entered the pandemic, almost two years ago now, my colleague Phil Newton brought together a training programme for our staff called total e-fabulous. This was essential to the way Swansea University adapted to the new context and provided a solid basis for learning and teaching through the last eighteen months. I now want to lead a workshop that will help us look forward, beyond the pandemic, beyond total e-fabulous.

What have we learnt? Is there a fundamental shift in the tectonic plates of teaching? Are we at last going to be able to fulfil a promise, made to me when I began teaching at Birmingham University in the early 1990s, that technology will transform our teaching forever? What about other uses of the digital? Are we able to fulfil the potential of all those learning analytics programmes? Can we really predict when students are falling behind on their learning? Should we? What does it mean to individualise, or personalise, learning and student interaction? Do we have the technology to do this effectively, and if we do, should we be using it? Can we honestly say that, following the pandemic, ‘every student matters’?

There are so many questions, but I fear very few real answers. Come along and explore what we do and don’t know, what we can and cannot do. Whatever else, it will be a totally fabulous conversation!’



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