REIS SEMINAR SERIES 824-2 : Engagement with research: communicating your project’s outcomes with project AMBER, Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research and Clare Lehane

This event is part of the REIS Seminar Programme series


Clare Lehane
Victoria Hurst
Sara Barrento

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Adaptive management of barriers in European Rivers
AMBER proposes to address the challenge of river fragmentation through an adaptive management process. This involves finding an optimal balance of the benefits and impacts of barriers on river habitat to improve future river ecosystem restoration, and achieving the most cost-effective management in the short term. To do this, we are developing tools, models, and toolkits that will allow hydropower companies and river managers to maximize benefits and minimize ecological impacts. This will improve energy security, help protect jobs, and boost European competitiveness, particularly in rural economies.

From: 2 Feb 2022, 2 p.m.
To: 2 Feb 2022, 4 p.m.
Location: Please register on ABW searching for course 824-2. Zoom link will be sent before the event., Online Event - Please see description

Communicating your research to project stakeholders and the general public is an important part of any research project.
In this seminar Victoria Hurst, project manager for the Adaptive management of Barriers in European Rivers (AMBER) project will take you through the communication lifecycle including how to:
write a communication plan into research bids,
Organise a communications work package
keep stakeholders in multiple locations up to date with project developments.
Sara Barrento, Science Communicator and Stakeholder Engagement Manager for Biosciences will outline how to develop, run and crucially evaluate a public engagement webinar or conference.
This seminar will be of interest to ECR’s and anyone interested in developing a communication work package for an upcoming bid submission, or hoping to run a public engagement event around their research in the future.

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