Everything Change: changing STORY

This event is part of the Taliesin Arts Centre series


Dr Anna Pigott
Ben Rawlence
Rachael Young
Sherri L Smith
Amy Brady (Chair)
Marcus Brigstocke.

From: 17 Jun 2021, 2 p.m.
To: 17 Jun 2021, 4 p.m.
Location: Online Event - Please see description

‘Our old stories are crumbling, and no new story has so far emerged to replace them.’ — Yuval Noah Harari, 21 Lessons For the 21st Century

Humanity’s inaction on the causes of climate change is a failure of narrative at the level of a species. Despite our knowledge about the dangers of burning fossil fuels and our abilities to communicate across the globe, we have failed to engage the world’s communal imagination in such a way that it might drive a revolution of action. So how can we tell the stories of our times differently? Who needs to be telling these stories and where do they need to be heard? What role does education have to play in changing the narratives we share, and how might the right stories, told in the right place, at the right moment, change everything?

Booking is essential to access this free, online event. Live English-language captioning will be available.

Contact: Nia Mills (Email: n.s.mills@swansea.ac.uk)

Website: https://www.taliesinartscentre.co.uk/en/performances?id=58818


Event created by: b.e.forrest