Everything Change: changing WATER

This event is part of the Taliesin Arts Centre series


Aaron Thierry
Dr Saleemul Huq
Sabrina Mahfouz
Vikram Iyengar
Dr Faustina Pereira (Chair)

From: 15 Jun 2021, noon
To: 15 Jun 2021, 2 p.m.
Location: Online Event - Please see description

‘The drop of water on the tongue was the first word in the world.’ — Gillian Clarke

From retreating glaciers and melting ice caps to rising sea levels and the acidification of the oceans, it is perhaps in stories of water that the consequences of a warming world are most clearly made manifest. What is the future of our relationship to water, in a world where for some there will be too much and for others never enough? Where do the greatest risks lie in relation to water if we fail to curb our emissions? In the loss of permafrost, in the ravaging effects of drought or in the mass migration caused by disappearing coasts and cities? And where might water offer us hope in the face of these challenges - as a new source of energy, carbon-capture or sustainable farming?

Join us for this vibrant and visionary discussion, the fourth event in our Everything Change programme, as we dive into the oceans, rivers and lakes of the world to explore the challenges and possibilities of its changing waters.

Booking is essential to access this free, online event. Live English-language captioning will be available.

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