Everything Change: changing MONEY

This event is part of the Taliesin Arts Centre series


Dr Emily Bacon
Shameran Abed
Suzanne Dhaliwal
Oliver Balch (Chair)
Oana Aristide.

From: 11 Jun 2021, noon
To: 11 Jun 2021, 2 p.m.
Location: Online Event - Please see description

with Dr Emily Bacon, Shameran Abed, Suzanne Dhaliwal and Oliver Balch (Chair), and a creative provocation by Oana Aristide.

Ecology: from the Greek, the knowledge of home

Economy: from the Greek, the management of home

‘As knowledge should come before management, so ecology should come before economy.’ — Jane Davidson, #futuregen - Lessons from a Small Country

What do we talk about when we talk about worth, value and growth? A just transition to a sustainable ‘One Planet’ form of living will require a radical structural change in how we relate to finance, industry, wealth distribution and perpetual growth economics. But how do we make that happen?

What role might high finance play in creating a greener, low-carbon society? How could businesses find imaginative ways of thriving in a post-growth world? What new models and ideas might best alleviate poverty, and how might the principles of a circular economy become the norm? Wales will soon be trialing a Universal Basic Income — where could this lead us?

At the second event in our ten-day Everything Change programme, we’ll learn about what other innovative and creative economic models are on the horizon, and how they might just make money part of the solution to the climate crisis, not part of the problem.

Booking is essential to access this free, online event. Live English-language captioning will be available.

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