Peirianneg a’r Gyfraith: Cyfle i Gael Effaith

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College of Engineering

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Professor Baris Soyer - Director of International Shipping and Trade Law at Swansea University

Speaker's Biography

Penodwyd yr Athro Soyer yn ddarlithydd ym Mhrifysgol Abertawe yn 2001, a chafodd ddyrchafiad i ddarllenyddiaeth yn 2006 ac i swydd athro yn 2006.Fe’i penodwyd yn Gyfarwyddwr y Sefydliad Cyfraith Llongau a Masnach Ryngwladol, Prifysgol Abertawe ym mis Hydref 2010.Cyn hynny, bu’n ddarlithydd ym Mhrifysgol Caerwysg.Mae’n rhan o’ waith addysgu’r modiwlau canlynol yn ein rhaglen LLM:Cyfraith y Morlys, Cyfraith Yswiriant Morol a Phartïon Siarter:Cyfraith ac Ymarfer.
Prif ddiddordeb ymchwil yr Athro Soyer yw maes yswiriant, yn enwedig yswiriant morol, ond mae ei ddiddordebau’n ymestyn yn ehangach drwy gyfraith forol a chyfraith contractau.Ar wahân i ysgrifennu dau fonograff (‘Warranties in Marine Insurance Law’ a ‘Marine Insurance Fraud’), mae wedi cyhoeddi’n helaeth mewn cyfnodolion o fri megis ‘Cambridge Law Journal’, ‘Law Quarterly Review’, ‘Edinburgh Law Review’, ‘Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly’, ‘Berkeley Journal of International Law’, ‘Journal of Business Law’, ‘Torts Law Journal’ a’r ‘Journal of Contract Law’.Mae’n aelod o fwrdd golygu’r ‘Journal of International Maritime Law, Shipping and Trade Law’ a ‘Baltic Maritime Law Quarterly’ ac mae’n aelod o bwyllgor golygu’r ‘Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly’ (‘International Maritime and Commercial Law Yearbook’).

From: Sept. 16, 2020, 2:15 p.m.
To: Sept. 16, 2020, 3:15 p.m.
Location: Webinar ID 922 7092 3590 Passcode 530745 , Other

The best thing that Engineering and Science can give to Law is a policy challenge. Usually people associate “Law” with other Social Science Subjects (Criminology, Sociology, History and Politics) when it comes to multidisciplinary research. However, there are aspects of Law (in particular Commercial Law), which we have a vast expertise in at Swansea University, that makes it a suitable partner for research bids with various Engineering disciplines. An example might be if we had a breakthrough in large scale energy storage this would most likely necessitate an immediate reform of energy law. If you are free to choose exactly when you release stored energy to the grid, then you could effectively manipulate energy pricing and distort energy markets. Another area would be autonomous vehicles, such as autonomous shipping vessels. Who is responsible for these vessels while crossing international waters if they’re unmanned? Policy has also rapidly developed in the UK over “new” materials regulation with numerous policy textbooks on the safe use and integration of nanotechnologies across many industries. This highlights the very valuable crossover between engineers and lawyers that can produce high impact within society. Collaboration often removes barriers to the rapid adoption of new technologies and concepts. This talk will take us on a tour of possibilities and opportunities of collaboration with the School of Law from the College of Engineering.

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Webinar ID 922 7092 3590
Passcode 530745

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